Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Clare Byam-Cook Joins The Designer Baby Show

We are delight Clare Byam-Cook will be another one of our special expert guests at the show. Clare will be offering advice and giving an expert talk about breast and bottle feeding.

Clare is a trained nurse and midwife with over twenty two years experience with the last two decades spent at Christine Hill’s antenatal practice in London. She is a breastfeeding expert whose celebrity client list includes Natasha Kaplinsky, Kate Winslet, Trinny & Susannah, Elizabeth Murdoch, Helena Bonham Carter, Gabby Logan, Nicola Formby and Daisy Donovan.

Her success rates in helping mothers to breastfeed are phenomenal: a dept of Health survey in 2000 found that only 42% of new mothers who start breastfeeding are still doing so at 6 weeks. However for those mothers with existing breastfeeding problems who consult Clare, at least 87% of them are still breastfeeding 6 weeks later.

‘I just can’t praise her enough’
Kate Winslet

‘Clare is a true ‘baby whisperer’ who will save you and your baby hours of torment. Her kind, common-sense and amazingly informed advice was as essential to me as breast-pads and chocolate.’
Kate Beckinsale

‘I booked Clare to come round the day my fourth child was born, and the breast-feeding has, for the first time, worked from the first day.’
Emma Freud

‘Breast-feeding is one of those things you go through life assuming to be natural and easy, but when I was pregnant I began to hear lots of horror stories about bleeding nipples and awful pain. So I booked Clare to come and see me by way of a pre-emptive strike. It was fantastic. She showed me how to place the baby at the right level using a pillow and pretty early on I was able to feed him, hands-free.’
Helena Bonham Carter

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